Work with me

CaroKocht is a health food blog providing plantbased recipes made with local seasonal ingredients. Sustainability is my biggest aim, therefore I love spreading the word for outstanding producers of organic plant-based products, kitchen supplies or other food-related goodies.

I am a self-taught hobby chef, hold a M.Sc. degree in agricultural economics and am interested in all things food production & consumption related as well as nutrition topics.

I can offer you:

  • sponsored IG posts – you’ll profit from my extensive network not only consisting of engaged consumers but also my intensive exchange with other influencers in the food sector
  • sponsored blog posts – featuring your ingredients or highlighting your company in general
  • recipe development for your website, restaurant or cafe
  • editorial content on agricultural and food-related topics, can give you advice for special events or regarding gifts for your customers.

I am also happy to assist you with:

  • social media advisory
  • SEO / SEA advisory

Interested in a cooperation? Feel free to drop me an email at